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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
Wow I disagree. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship was one of the best things Doctor Who has ever done, never-mind being an expertly crafted love letter to Douglas Adams. I really enjoyed the previous two seasons, but the overlying story-arch needs to be closed out this season I think.
Yeah, that episode was kinda fun I suppose.

Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
Christopher Eccleston is my favorite Doctor though, but him only wanting to do one season really limited that story.
Is that not the point of The Doctor? A storyline isn't limited to an actor. They could have easily finished it properly, but didn't bother. The last season with Tennant and the first with Smith were awful. They were like watching Lost. All time-low points were the last two Christmas specials though. Fuck me those were shit.

It's been improving with each season since, but still is nowhere near where it was when it all went wrong. This most recent season has at least given me hope it might come good again though. If this one had been as bad as the last three, I think I would have abandoned the series altogether, regardless of how big the new girl's tits are.

And would someone please tell them to stop writing story arcs which build up to some catastrophic end-of-all-things/death-of-the-Doctor ending, then fucking announce the next series before it's done? Amateurs.

Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
I've not started Torchwood yet, plannning to over the Christmas holidays!
First two seasons are pretty ordinary, third is godly, fourth tries to be the third and doesn't quite make it, but is still good.

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