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1.Tearin' Down The Walls
2.I Want Action
3.Love On The Rocks
4.Look What The Cat Dragged In
5.Something To Believe In
6.Until You Suffer Some (Fire And Ice)
7.Cry Tough
8.So Tell Me Why
9.Nothin' But A Good Time
10.(Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice
11.Life Goes On
12.Your Mama Don't Dance
13.I Won't Forget You
14.Unskinny Bop
16.Ride The Wind
17.Back To The Rocking Horse
18.Fallen Angel
19.Talk Dirty To Me
20.Let Me Go To The Show

Intro To Shame
2.You're In Love
3.Wanted Man
4.Looking For Love
5.I'm Insane
6.Way Cool Jr.
7.Given Yourself Away
8.What You Give Is What You Get
9.Lack Of Communication
10.Lay It Down
11.Slip Of The Lip
12.7th Avenue
13.Scene Of The Crime
14.One Step Away
15.Closer To My Heart
16.Body Talk
17.I Want A Women
18.Back For More
19.Lovin' You Is A Dirty Job
21.Round And Round
22.Top Secret
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