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45. Caravan Palace - Panic

A group I found while listening to Parov Stelar. Both are just about the only real 'electroswing' artists out there, at least the ones that have notable popularity. Continuing forward, the band has made a mark for sure. The album has some great gems, and the good tracks pick up on where the last album left off. The constant balance between swing and groove is ever present, and for that their efforts should be applauded. Alas it didn't quite live up to its predecessor due to the songwriting. Again, not unique, but what can you do. Their last self-titled album was stronger in quality of the songs, at least I think so. The downbeat songs on this one are very monotonous, offering very little to the grand picture. It's definitely worth having due to the couple of gems, but that's the extent of it. At the very least, it's still something you don't hear every day which is always a relief.

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