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Originally Posted by masterguy49 View Post
Walking Dead has been really disappointing to me, It's just after reading the comics the show is so bad in comparison. It's okay by its on, but knowing it could be SO much better it bothers me.
Caught up on Doctor Who, the past 2 seasons have been eh, but that last episode was pretty damn depressing.
While the comic is better i've enjoyed the TV version of The Walking Dead to. For the most part I prefer the way the comic has told the story. There are a few things on the TV show I like better, Shane living longer and Lori dying sooner. Plus, the girl who plays Maggie has a great ass.

I've liked the first part of the current season of Doctor Who but the episodes in season five and six were very hit and miss with me. Of course you can't really miss when Karen Gillan is on the screen either It took me awhile to warm up to Matt Smith's potrayal of The Doctor. It looks like he's really gotten confortable with the role now. He did have some big shoes to fill though, not too many people out there would be able to follow the great performacne David Tennant gave as The Doctor. I think Matt has come along quite well though.
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