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45. ReinXeed - Welcome To The Theater

The first of two bands on the list that were introduced me due to their appearance at this year's ProgPower (which is an incredible lineup, by the way). Initial impression wasn't too high, and that reflects in this album's position. Conversely, there is still some nice moment to be found on the album. Their usage of theatrical surges in the songs are representative of the album name and the target they are aiming for. It has just the right flavor of 'symphonic' that most bands under that label tend to use now. However, it suffers from an all too common problem known as repetition. Nothing new, still as strong a factor. The songs get buried within each other, and the album really starts to shine again with the last three tracks. For fans of symphonic power metal, with an edge of melody instead of heavy, this is for you.

"Welcome To The Theater" -

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