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47. Testament - Dark Roots Of Earth

This is easily one of my biggest surprises of the year. Formation was a tank of an album, and I didn't even think twice of this album being even stronger than its predecessor. And with an album cover like that, how could you think otherwise? When Native Blood was released, I was mildly disappointed, but I've had plenty bad single releases followed by killer albums. However, this was a double whammy in that sense. This album just lacked the killer songs this time around. The opening track, which to be is the most important track on the album symbolically, wasn't anything like what I thought. The lyrics were abysmal. The music was uninspired and re-hashed. Arguably the most shocking finding for me was Sckolnick's 'meh' solos. On Formation, he hit gold with catchy yet technical solos. On this one, he obviously still brings his game, but not A game. This album is not to be completely discarded, namely due to "Cold Embrace" and "Throne Of Thorns". All in all though, I was left wanting a lot more. I'm well aware my opinion is in the minority, but it is what it is. Maybe next time.

"Throne of Thorns" -

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