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Originally Posted by slapguitarer View Post
There's like 5 people that have TMS in a high place. I'm not saying it can't be Top 10, but won't be #1 by a long shot.
It's pretty much guaranteed top 10 and I actually think it might have a shot at #1. Think about it, has there been any album this year that most of the board can agree is great? If you look at past #1 winners they're usually albums that the board lost their collective shit over and about half the voters would put it in their top 10. As far as I can see no album released this year has had that kind of momentum. I believe that me and 2 other people have The Money Store at #1 and a few more people have it in their top 10. My point is that it looks like this year the votes are gonna be pretty spread out so those votes for TMS are really gonna count.
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