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48. Arthemis - We Fight

As the follow up to 2010's 'Heroes', I was expecting a strong album with the same catchy parts that got me hooked before. Unfortunately, this album was a big downer in that sense. Sure it's more of the fast, power/thrash metal, but it didn't have the same hook as the last album did, especially with the quality of the songwriting on the last album. There are decent tracks on here for sure, although it didn't leave a strong overall impression on me. The terrible lyrics, while not a defining factor by itself, never helps either. We will fight, we will fall? Grow up guys. Best track for me would have to be the ballad of the album. It just so happened to be the only track the lived up to my expectations of memorable melodies. Apparently it's not on YouTube, so the title track will have to do...

"We Fight" -

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