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Originally Posted by Xenocide View Post
The Sword w/ Gypsyhawk & Eagle Claw
Pawtucket RI - The Met

The Sword setlist:
Hammer of Heaven
Codex Corvidae
Tres Brujas
To Take the Black
Cloak of Feathers
The Hidden Masters
Dying Earth
Maiden, Mother, and Crone
Seven Sisters
The Horned Goddess
The Veil of Isis

Barael's Blade
Winter's Wolves
Holy shit! They're actually playing Codex Corvidae! Talk about a deep cut.

This makes me so much more upset that they're not doing any Canadian shows on this tour. I really hope they're back soon. Easily my favourite band, and Apocryphon is my most-listened to album this year. It's too bad that they're not playing 'Eyes of the Stormwitch' or 'Hawks & Serpents' from it!
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