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Originally Posted by MPF View Post

162.) Huntress- Spell Eater[/b]

Female Fronted Power Metal that incorporates a lot of thrash and black metal. Having seen them twice this year, once for Paganfest, the other opening for Dragonforce....They are either a hit or a big miss. the first time it was a big miss, during Dragonforce it was better. Much like Seven Kingdoms mentioned earlier in this thread, great on the album, not so much live. And having heard them live first, it kinda takes things away for me on the album, although it is quite good. Had I heard the album first I may feel differently. But don't avoid this album because of that, check it out, it's a fun listen.

It's refreshing to hear somebody not bash this. Because of their image (ie: Jill Janus) it seems like a lot of people hate them for the sake of hating them. I don't think they are particularly brillant, but Jill is a good vocalist and the black metal influences are pretty cool. The real problem with the album is that the songwriting isn't that consistent. There are a few killer songs and then quite a few average ones.

169.) Testament- Dark Roots Of Earth[/b]

BEST DAMN THRASH METAL ALBUM OF THE YEAR! I know there are some people are disappointed in this album compared to The Formation Of Damnation. To me, this is the album I wanted. It was in my Top 20 for a good long time and its in my top 25 without question. Chuck Billy and Co. are again at the top of their game. I love it so much. Pure unadulterated Thrash!

This is another surprise to me. I actually really enjoyed this one and would give it somewhere between 8.5-9, but this is a pretty big statement. I would say there's at least 1 better thrash album, maybe 2 depending on how much you like thrash. I won't reveal them though, because I'll be doing my list in about a month.
1/13 - Enforcer, Warbringer, Cauldron, Exmortus
3/31 - Sonata Arctica
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