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The Sword -- Pawtucket, RI -- November 15th, 2012

The Sword w/ Gypsyhawk & Eagle Claw
Pawtucket RI - The Met

Went to this show with a couple friends of mine, and was pretty pumped beforehand because The Sword have been one of my favorite bands for awhile now. Went out to beforehand, then went to the venue about 40 minutes before doors simply because we had nothing else to do. Hung out in the car until 15 minutes after doors were supposed to open, then headed to the entrance. Randomly ran into one of my best friends who I haven't seen in over a year because of college, who doesn't even listen to metal much. Confused the fuck outta me but I wasn't complaining. Doors ended up opening 40 minutes late about 20 minutes before the show and we went in. Never been to The Met before, and it was unexpectadly small. Pretty much the definition of a hole-in-wall venue. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was that the stage has no barrier... and being the size I am it only came up to my knees. Never seen that before. Anyways...

When these guys came on stage I was confused as fuck because I thought Eagle Claw were going first. But they had a pretty tight live show. Nothing to write home about though. Their vocalist/bassist was pretty funny but their music is generally meh. Highlight of their show was a cover of Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo. Decent mixing though there were moments where it sounded a bit off. 6/10

Eagle Claw
I really didn't know anything about these guys going into the show, but apparently they're a sludge/stoner outfit with no vocalist. Their music isn't overly original or diverse, but damn are they a fun live show. These guys just jam hard. Mixing was stellar for their entire show, you could hear everything clearly. Ended up getting a pic from their guitarist at the end of the show. Could have had a setlist too but I gave it to a friend who wanted it. Also their bassist was a ripped black guy in a Millenium Falcon tshirt, who I saw making out with the insanely hot merch girl during The Sword. Guy has game. 7.5/10

The Sword
I discovered this band when I was first getting into metal in 8th grade through the song To Take The Black, and I've been a fan ever since. By the time they hit the stage the venue was decently full with the drunkards out in full force. Apocryphon is a great first track for a live show, especially with the video game-esque electronic intro. But damn, I just had a blast throughout their entire set. Although I recognized all the songs they played, I'm only very familiar with about half of them. The crowd push got worse than I expected, and I tried to use a stage monitor to push myself back. It apparently wasn't attached to anything, so I sent it flying a few feet. By the end of the set the insanely drunk people made their way to the front and some weeeird shit was going down. There was this fat guy and his wife and the guy was going around yelling in everybody's face and patting them and shit, and his wife was grinding on EVERYONE. It would have been cool if she didn't look like a beached whale. Another drunk guy kept falling on everyone, and my friend got pissed off enough to shove him to the ground 2 or 3 times. I ended up going back into the crowd to try and get away from the faggotry.
I ended up going back up to the stage for their encore, which was prefaced by the black guy from Eagle Claw yelling "YOU GUYS WANT MORE SWORD?!?!?!" After which they came out and played Barael's Blade and Winter's Wolves. Their lead guitarist threw me a guitar pick which promptly bounced off my forehead and onto the ground. I tried to grab it but some other kid got it first. Ended up being handed a pick by Cronise and after they left I army crawled a few feet onto the stage to grab a setlist and a water bottle that was half drunk by their bassist.
Their mixing was okay, you couldn't hear vocals at all the first few songs but they got it fixed eventually.

The Sword setlist:
Hammer of Heaven
Codex Corvidae
Tres Brujas
To Take the Black
Cloak of Feathers
The Hidden Masters
Dying Earth
Maiden, Mother, and Crone
Seven Sisters
The Horned Goddess
The Veil of Isis

Barael's Blade
Winter's Wolves
6/25 - Rammstein
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