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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
In This Moment- Blood

Oh I have been waiting for this album to pop up.....It sucks so much! This is an example of a band that had so much potential that went out of their way to sell out with tits and singing about being a whore and not just taking away what made them good (a good mix of Thrash and Metalcore with female vocals) they added fucking electronics and autotune to the album. Not just on the single which has it the most, but the whole damn album. The only reason you should hear this album is if your girlfriend wants to bang to this album, even then she should be nice and give you some ear plugs.

2/10 (the two is only for 1 for one each boobie, because they are nice)
Agreed I hated this album I listened to it only once and deleted it. and their last album was very good.

Also glad to see I am not the only who likes the new whitechapel.
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