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161.) Worm Ouroboros- Come The Thaw

This is the thing when it comes to Post Rock that almost comes off as Funeral Doom Metal. it takes a loooooooooooong time for songs to kick in, if they ever do. This album (and really every album they have) while very good, is the kind of album that you put on when you need some music to fall asleep to at night. It doesn't kick in much at all, but its an oddly soothing experience. There is very little dynamics or variety on this album, but when you need a break from traditional Rock or Metal or Post music. Put this on. It puts you to a good way not because its boring way.


162.) Huntress- Spell Eater

Female Fronted Power Metal that incorporates a lot of thrash and black metal. Having seen them twice this year, once for Paganfest, the other opening for Dragonforce....They are either a hit or a big miss. the first time it was a big miss, during Dragonforce it was better. Much like Seven Kingdoms mentioned earlier in this thread, great on the album, not so much live. And having heard them live first, it kinda takes things away for me on the album, although it is quite good. Had I heard the album first I may feel differently. But don't avoid this album because of that, check it out, it's a fun listen.


163.) Master- The New Elite

Ah yes, Master. One of the Masters of Death Metal are back and as strong as ever. This has all you need in old school Death Metal. Hast heavy, thrashy Death Metal. Not the most original music of course but it fits the need for any real Death Metal fan. Old School Metal Fans, get this and enjoy it.


164.) Whitechapel- Whitechapel

This is one of the albums that caused one of my favorite bad quotes of 2012. "I want my ignorant Deathcore back." Whitechapel has been the one real Deathcore band that I have never hated. IS till think to this day This Is Exile is a fantastic album. This album is also very, very damn good. it's not just breakdowns and squeals. There is actually substance behind this album and where can you hear that in Deathcore otherwise? This is more of a Death METAL album more than anything and I'm totally cool with that. The br00tal kids hate this album from what I can tell, guys like me that care more of music than just breakdowns and squeals will enjoy this album much more. This is some good stuff.


165.) The Levitation Hex- The Levitation Hex

This is another album that is hard to categorize. It contains some Proggy passages, but it contains a lot of Death Metal and Hardcore style vocals over Thrash Metal. So let's go with that....Progressive Hardcore Death Thrash. haha. Its not an album that is easy to comprehend at first but if you give it a chance it is indeed worth it. it's nowhere near for everyone, but for those that are willing to give it a chance, You'll dig it.


166.) Cattle Decapitation- Monolith of Inumanity

Oh yes, the Death Metal and Grindcore band for the Ages, Cattle Decapitation. I dare say one of the best albums of the genre for the year. The album is very well produced and mix and the songs are top notched. everything else about them is well......well just look them up if you really wanna know more about them. the name alone should give you an idea. It's not an album for the faint of heart. It's brutal as all hell and the lyrics and even more specifically the song titles will show you that. If you need brutal, this is your album.


167.) In This Moment- Blood

Oh I have been waiting for this album to pop up.....It sucks so much! This is an example of a band that had so much potential that went out of their way to sell out with tits and singing about being a whore and not just taking away what made them good (a good mix of Thrash and Metalcore with female vocals) they added fucking electronics and autotune to the album. Not just on the single which has it the most, but the whole damn album. The only reason you should hear this album is if your girlfriend wants to bang to this album, even then she should be nice and give you some ear plugs. They turned into Five Finger Death Punch.....with titties.

2/10 (the two is only for 1 for one each boobie, because they are nice)

168.) Muse- The 2nd Law

And what are the odds this one would be next. I caught a lot of crap for this because I could only make it through the first half of the album before I gave up on it. And even after getting all that crap I went back and gave it m\one more full listen. It's like watching the transformers movies. When you watch the original cartoon movie, you think awesome, this is how it should sound. Then someone decides they need to be redesigned and remade 4 times (including the upcoming movie) and with each album you keep getting more and more depressed, the first movie breaks your heart, the second album steps on it, the third movie takes a hot steamy dump on get my point. This is how I feel about Muse withe very album after Absolution. Why mess with success? that's what they did again and it gets progressively worse. The electronics involved this time are even more annoying than before. The lyrics are even more pretentious (and those usually never bother me) and the songs are just....eww no. So give me crap if you really have to about this one. i will disagree. Muse sucks now!


169.) Testament- Dark Roots Of Earth

BEST DAMN THRASH METAL ALBUM OF THE YEAR! I know there are some people are disappointed in this album compared to The Formation Of Damnation. To me, this is the album I wanted. It was in my Top 20 for a good long time and its in my top 25 without question. Chuck Billy and Co. are again at the top of their game. I love it so much. Pure unadulterated Thrash!


170.) Jazzkamikaze- The Return of Jazzkamikaze

Jazz, Alternative Rock, Math Rock and a bit of Post Rock. In sense kinda like The Reign Of Kindo, although done differently. Unlike their last album this one is purely instrumental, which alienated some fans. for me, I love it just the same because it focuses on the music more. And it's great stuff. Jazz fans will love it, Prog fans would love it, Rock fans in general with an open mind can appreciate it. If you are in need for something completely different, please check this out. its so well worth your listen.

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