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Originally Posted by smearCampaign View Post
High on Fire (complete)
Serums of Liao
Frost Hammer
10,000 Years
Fertile Green
Rumors of War
Madness of an Architect
Snakes for the Divine
The good:
-It's nice that they're bringing out as much as they can from the first album to compliment it's recent reissue. I remember when Mastodon put out the Call of the Mastodon release which they completely ignored live. Made no sense.

-Snakes For The Divine is always awesome, though I think they ought to put it more in an opening slot now. It's not the new album anymore, there's no longer a need to make the audience wait for it. Devilution belongs in that spot anyway.

The bad:
-They really ought to be playing more from the new album. I realize you want to gauge the reaction and not want to pull an AMOLAD, but they've had 7 months to gauge that and the reception seems to be universally positive. There's no reason why they shouldn't be playing those songs along with Warhorn, Bloody Knuckles, Spiritual Rites, King of Days (pretty much any song except Samara really.)

-Dii is lame

The weird:
-again, why is Devilution the fourth song? That's like You've Got Another Thing Comin being the 4th song.
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