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SerpentineVIVIVI's 2012 Ranks

So after getting my hands on the last album of my 'Albums to Get' list, I'd say it's time for me to post up the finalized list. There is the slight chance that something can abruptly change in the list, given that two albums on the list were listened to recently due to MPF's Year-End Review list. It is plausible that I can find something I hadn't heard before, so if that's the case I'll adjust accordingly. This is most likely the case with MPF and Maiden33's posts, if the latter decides to do such a thing this time around. My musical taste correlates the most with these two, but as I said earlier, it's just a chance.

I have my candidates on an Excel spreadsheet that I will screenshot at the end of the list for those to see. I'm going to be doing a rundown starting from the worst album of the year down to the best, with rankings out of 10 for each. A little description for each will suffice. I will also include a link to the strongest track on the album for those who want to listen in. This is very much in the vein of what Maiden33 did, and I happened to like that style of representation. Feel free to present your own opinions, if not that's fine as well. Let's begin.

52. Firewind - Few Against Many
Ever since Gus G. went to Ozzy, there is something that hasn't clicked as much. He is still an incredible player of course, and this isn't downright awful, but it has to be one of the weakest Firewind releases to date. Firewind are in a sort of Sonata Arctica-like decline, and it's unfortunate given the potential creative force behind the band. Shame. However, on a positive note, Gus' solos are not surprisingly stellar. If anything he has gotten even more technical and profound in his compositions. My favorite track has Apocalyptica involved, which does not shock me in the slightest. Beautiful track. Overall though, that is not nearly enough to save the album from my dissatisfied "Worst of 2012". Better luck next time.

"Edge Of A Dream" feat. Apocalyptica -

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