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FUCKING AMAZING SHOW! HOLY SHIT! I talked to Barney, ND will be back! ND gave us a special treat as well.

Napalm Death:
Errors in the Signals
Everyday Pox
Can't Play, Won't Pay
Protection Racket
Silence Is Deafening
The Wolf I Feed
Practice What You Preach
When All Is Said and Done
Unchallenged Hate
Nom de Guerre
Lowlife(Cryptic Slaughter cover with Scott Peterson)
Suffer the Children
Breed to Breathe
Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Dead Kennedys cover)
Human Garbage
You Suffer
Instinct of Survival

The Dwarves also played at our show. I really wanted to see em well since they are one of my favorite punk bands. Heres a most of their set. Its out of order.Go see em live.
Act Like You Know
I Will Deny
Runaway NO.2
Let's Fuck
You Gotta Burn
We Only Came To get High
I Masterbate Me
Astro Boy
We Must Have Blood
9/13-Gruesome/Skeletal Remains
9/16-Black Breath/Battalion Of Saints?
9/18-Asshole Parade/To The Point
10/31-Gehenna/Full Of Hell
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