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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Yeah, Seven Cities is in set A. I got that one at my show and holy fuck did it rock so hard. You might think it rocks on the disc but words can't describe how much better that main riff is live. How they switch that up with the mediocre WTW ever night, a song i've heard Neil doesn't even like, is a mystery to me. At least if they rotated it with BU2B the trade would be even each night.

Why does Alex look like he's crying in that picture?
Mediocre sums up WTW very well and I forgot about BU2B, they should sub that in for Halo Effect. I can't remember the exact circumstances of the Alex picture but he was probably making silly faces for picture takers as he sometimes likes to do. I don't think there was anything upsetting about the show
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