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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
I just started to watch RAW *REGULARLY* again over the last few months
And those guys were always just doing the stupid 1 minute filler matches and had nothing going for them.
Well, just to give you a quick rundown of each guy.

Justin Gabriel:

He debutted on RAW a couple years ago with a group called The Nexus, lead by NXT season one winner Wade Barrett. The group was made up of all the wrestlers who participated in the first season of NXT. Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Gabriel, Heath Slater, David Otunga, Michael Tarver and Skipp Sheffield who is now known as Ryback. The only guy from the group not in the WWE now is Michael Tarver. Gabriel had the tag titles a couple times with Heath Slater during this and The Nexus was a pretty hot angle for a few months. After the Nexus would lay a beatdown on someone, they would finish it off with Gabriel doing his 450 splash on the wrestler. He did it in a more cold, heel fashion then he does it now. The move was put over as really devestating at the time.

The Nexus had an NWO like feel to it at first until they had them go up against Cena and he singled handedly beat every guy in the group rather easily and killed off a pretty good angle very quickly that still had some life to it. Since then he's just been jobbing on the internet programs and house shows for the most part. He formed a tag team with Tyson Kidd earlier this year and the WWE has failed to realise that until recently.

Tyson Kidd:

Is the final graduate of the Hart family dungeon. He's been in the WWE at least three or four years now. He was originally brought in as part of a stable with David Hart Smith, The British Bulldogs son and Natalya, Jim The Anvil Neidhart's daughter and were called The Hart Dynasty. He won the tag titles with David and they were a pretty good team but as usual, Vince fucks up good things for no reason. They lost the tag titles, Kidd turned on Smith and absolutely nothing came from it. Smith went unused for a while and was let go some time back. Kidd and Natalya have pretty much been in nomad mode ever since then with no direction and jobbing on the WWE's B and C shows and house shows.

Hopefully they see the potential in the Gabriel/Kidd team. Since HHH is behind the recent tag team revival, something tells me they both might get recognised this time.