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Several weeks ago I happened to be in the fair city of Pittsburgh, and I stopped by a place called The Attic on the recommendation of one Mr. moobys37. I picked up:

The first two were five bucks each. The Hunter is the limited edition CD/DVD - got it for ten. The HoF is the out-of-print 2001 bonus tracks version re-released by Tee Pee Records. Paid sixteen for that bad boy.

Then, just last week, I was at OSU on business and stopped by Magnolia Thunderpussy, which is one of the best music stores in Ohio (as far as I know). I picked up:

The first two were five bucks each (and I think I may have the HoF already, but for $5 I grabbed it just to be sure). Gojira was only seven bones. Score. The IoG was full price - like fifteen or so - but it'll be in my top ten this year for sure, so yeah...snagged it.

So, to recap: two post-rock beauties, three stone cold metal classics, a very nice limited edition CD/DVD combo, an OOP debut album by the best stoner metal band in the world and a 2012 AOTY contender for less than seventy-five clams (including tax).

Not fucking bad.
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