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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
TNA has been doing good? Every time I turn it on I am bored to tears and lose interest immediately. Any redeming factors I should be paying attention to at all?
Warning!! Long rant coming up

Redeming factors?

Bobby Roode, James Storm, Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Frank Kazarian and Bully Ray (formerly Bubba Ray Dudley). With the exception of the AJ Styles affair storyline, if you can't get behind how great all these guys have been over the last year and how many good to great matches they've been putting on then you should just stop being a wrestling fan now.

Title records were broken this year in TNA as Bobby Roode became the longest running world champ in the company's history and had one of the best heel world title runs we've seen in a long time. Austin Aries became the longest running X Division champ ever and so did Gail Kim with the Knockouts title. Samoa Joe won the TV title two months ago and has been in full beast mode ever since. Oh yeah, like they used to do back in the day, the TV title is defended just about every week on TV. Wrestlers all have individual personalities and it allows them to stand out more and get noticed.

Now, there are still faults right now. Both the women's and X Division are kind of weak at the moment. But with RVD and Tara (formerly Victoria in WWE) as the champs right now i'm guessing they'll use their veteran experience to help rebuild them again. The worst thing of all is right now Jeff Hardy is world champ but with James Storm getting the next title shot I don't think that will last long.

The best thing about the company over the last year is that they make sure the championships matter. They always have people fighting for them at every PPV and they put the titles and the holders over big time. That goes a long way in making the show interesting. They've also had a few long arching storylines, like the Bobby Roode/James Storm feud that's been going on and off for the last year and has done nothing but produce very good to great promos and matches.

Every PPV has at least two or three very good matches that are worth watching. They take more chances, let the wrestlers perform the style they know best in the ring and they actually allow the wrestlers to bleed if the situation calls for it. But if you're OK with watching the run of the mill, nothing's happening, unexciting, taking no chances, going through the motions product that is the WWE and don't actually want to enjoy the wrestling right now, then by all means just keep watching the WWE and don't bother with TNA

If you can find a way and with the internet today and really who can't? Then you should check out all the PPV's TNA has done this year. It may be a lower quality production but they have kicked the WWE's ass this year when it comes to quality PPV matches and have blown them out of the water when it comes to putting on an entertaining weekly TV show.

It's sad that there are still a lot of fans who won't give TNA a chance due to the stink that Vince Russo's awful booking left on the company. Well, he's been gone for a year now and TNA has removed that stink and is the best wrestling company in the US right now.

Now if they could only get some marketing behind them and give Vince some competition. That would light a fire under his ass and get him to turn around this bland product the WWE has had for a few years now.