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Originally Posted by kalfitegrdan View Post
I don't really like Miller Lite, but the rest of those are pretty good. I absolutely hate Guinness too, that's my friend's favorite beer and I just don't understand it, same thing with any Sam Addams that I've tried. On the other hand, I love Pabst, probably my favorite of the cheap shit, next to Old Style, but no one else likes that, so 90% of my drinking involves cases of PBR. I feel the same way you do about PBR with Keystone, that is the worst beer that I have ever had the misfortune of drinking. I gotta be pretty drunk already to accept a Keystone.
Thankfully I've never been desperate enough to have Keystone. Like you said, I've heard it's worst beer ever. I'm pretty sure only high school/college kids drink it (which is exactly why the liquor store across the street from my school has 30's on special for $13 when school is in session)

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Fuck you.
Thanks It's just way too bitter for my liking.
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