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Originally Posted by Spiner202 View Post
I would agree with this. It's ok but nothing special. I like the first two albums better.

I'm happy people who weren't huge Dragonforce fans before are enjoying it, but I think this record is a masterpiece. After Valley of the Damned it is my favourite of theirs. The band sounds totally energized again and Marc Hudson did a great job replacing ZP.

The best thing Dragonforce could have done is replace ZP and get some new energy into the band and it shows.

Originally Posted by Rocco44 View Post
Good to see you liked Ancients album. I still have to check it out but I'm sure it will be great if the dudes in *shels released it and say that it is good.

Not to be a genre nazi but I definitely wouldn't say Ides of Gemini sound remotely sludge. Probably more black influenced than sludge.
Yeah when you get the chance to check out the new Ancients, go for it.

I hear lots of Sludge in Ides Of Gemini, but I also hear Black Metal as well. Kinda combined.

Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
God Seed released a real album and not a live one!? DAH-FUG!? Man... I am so out of the "New Releases" loop

I'm just as surprised as you. haha
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