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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
I have six guitars. Two of which are decent.
1. a La Patrie acoustic I bought twenty years ago. A decent guitar with a very soft sound. I don't know if they make them anymore but I know La Patrie, Quebec where it was made was destroyed in a flood in the mid-1990's
2. a Fender Stratocaster Squire (yes, a mexiStrat). Black and white, but covered with stickers and shit scratched into it. Again, I bought it twenty years ago when I really wanted an electric guitar and that was all I could afford.
3. a Simon & Patrick 12 string acoustic. It's probably the guitar I play the least but it's really good and has really good sound.
4. an Ibanez Gio bass (jet black) that I got around ten years ago. It's a good bass but I always tend to play it like a guitar.
5. my pride and joy; my Jackson King-V (jet black). Not the best guitar by any stretch but it was the guitar I dreamed of having since I was a teenager.
6. a Jackson JS Dinky (dark blue) that I just bought off my brother for $50. It's a nice guitar, plays well but doesn't hold it's tune very well.
Here's some pictures of my guitars I mentioned:

Wall of guitars

The first two I mentioned

The Bass and the 12-String

The King-V and the newest one

My son's guitar has its place on the wall too.
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