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Album #8: Rush - Clockwork Angels
June 12, 2012

This is a lock for my album of the year. A fantastic release after the inconsistent and somewhat ho-hum Snakes & Arrows. One of the things I love about this record is that it's heavy as balls, at least for Rush. S&A was seriously lacking some intensity. All of the instrumentation here is great as you would expect from Rush and the songwriting is top-notch. Geddy sounds a little tired but I really enjoy his vocals on this one even with his age starting to show.

The only two tracks that I'm not crazy about are Carnies and The Anarchist, both are good tracks but for some reason I can never tell them apart. They're just not as memorable as the other songs. I've heard a lot of people complain about Halo Effect and Wish Them Well but I think those two are both great. BU2B2 is an interesting little transition piece. My favorites off the album are BU2B, Seven Cities of Gold, The Wreckers, and Headlong Flight. The Garden is really good as well. The Wreckers is my favorite song of the year and probably one of my favorite Rush songs, it's just so catchy.

I'm glad that they did so many of these tracks live because they came off really well, I didn't realize how much extra layer the strings section added until after I saw them do it live. Including the two tracks played on the Time Machine tour, I've seen the whole album live except for BU2B2 and Carnies. Hoping to see them again on the next NA leg of the CA tour.

Amazing album, get it. 9.5
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