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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
154.) Tenacious D- Rize Of The Fenix[/b]

Let's be honest here, nothing beats the self titled debut from these guys. No matter how good they are, that album can't be topped. That said this has some of their best written songs, only some people will truly know about this as Tenacious D isn't as well accepted as they once were. Its a very funny album that again like the album above deserves at least a novelty listen. Many people have already forgotten about it, but it should be heard and enjoyed.
I would agree with this. It's ok but nothing special. I like the first two albums better.

155.) Dragonforce- The Power Within

The most diverse Dragonforce album to date, if you listen real closely you can actually hear notes being played and possibly even be able to tell what riffs are being played. haha But seriously. This is a damn good album for as much as I make fun of Dragonforce, they are a fun band. About half the album is mid tempo and slower ballads, the rest of the album has them playing faster than ever before. They aren't reinventing the wheel, just reinventing how they use a metronome. haha But again I digress, its a fun killer album chalk full of fun Power Metal, check it out!

I'm happy people who weren't huge Dragonforce fans before are enjoying it, but I think this record is a masterpiece. After Valley of the Damned it is my favourite of theirs. The band sounds totally energized again and Marc Hudson did a great job replacing ZP.
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