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151.) Flying Colors- Flying Colors

I'm surprised this didn't come up sooner, but hey it's here now. This is the best Mike Portnoy release of 2012. It has everything a Prog fan could want and a stellar lineup at that. 5 Excellent songwriters writing Prog, ah yeah! There is some heavy moments like All Falls Down, there is some very Alt Rock moments like Kayla and The Storm, and some epic Prog like Infinite Fire and Blue Ocean. It has it all and Real Prog fans, how could you not have this already?


152.) PostHumanBigBang- PostHumanBigBang

This is a great example of a band who will only get bigger and better from this point out. Another fantastic debut album from an unknown source, those are usually the best ones. This is a super unknown Progressive Metal Masterpiece that many people will not hear simply because no one knows about it. There are moments of Opeth, Periphery, Dream Theater, Faith No More, Fates Warning (Almost all clean vocals by the way). Give this one a shot, I know this is one I know I will feel responsible for you liking.


153.) God Seed- I begin

Remember when Gaahl quit Metal to be with his male Fashion designer companion? Well apparently he felt the need to be evil again with God Seed, his post Gorgoroth band. Its Black Metal for sure. a bit more Traditional Black Metal but still kinda brutal. I think if nothing else it is worth a novelty listen, I can't take the man seriously but the music is not bad.


154.) Tenacious D- Rize Of The Fenix

Let's be honest here, nothing beats the self titled debut from these guys. No matter how good they are, that album can't be topped. That said this has some of their best written songs, only some people will truly know about this as Tenacious D isn't as well accepted as they once were. Its a very funny album that again like the album above deserves at least a novelty listen. Many people have already forgotten about it, but it should be heard and enjoyed.


155.) Dragonforce- The Power Within

The most diverse Dragonforce album to date, if you listen real closely you can actually hear notes being played and possibly even be able to tell what riffs are being played. haha But seriously. This is a damn good album for as much as I make fun of Dragonforce, they are a fun band. About half the album is mid tempo and slower ballads, the rest of the album has them playing faster than ever before. They aren't reinventing the wheel, just reinventing how they use a metronome. haha But again I digress, its a fun killer album chalk full of fun Power Metal, check it out!


156.) Hurt- The Crux

One of my favorite Radio bands that never got the recognition they deserve. Well they were popular for about 6 weeks then dropped off the face of the mainstream Earth, and there is no reason for that, as they are a fantastic band. In my humble Opinion, if Pain Of Salvation came from America, they would be Hurt. My one complaint about this album is a bit heavy on the pop side instead of the Rock side, but they make up for it in other sections of them being very heavy and rockin'. Hurt is basically what I wish Pain Of Salvation would return to be, heavy, poppy and epic. I don't think Hurt will ever reach top 40 standards again sadly, but they deserve it and this album while not their best, is a great example of why.


157.) Ancients- Star Showers On The Euphrates

Here comes more Post Rock, although except for the final track, it's shorter more to the point Post Rock. The album increases in length as the album goes on (The final track is 23 minutes long) but it is quite an awesome adventure. Another album I never would have discovered if it wasn't for the radio show. It makes me so happy to hear bands like this kicking ass. Give this a listen, it is very damn good. If you want Godspeed You! Black Emperor, there's a tack for you, If you want God Is An Astronaut, there is a song for you, if you want Explosions In The Sky, again, there is a song for you.. If you ever wondered.....what the hell is Post Rock? This is the album for you. Get this and enjoy it now.


158.) Beyond Terror Beyond Grace- Nadir

This is another album that is really hard to categorize. It's Djenty but its very doomy. If Cloudkicker added Doom Metal and screams, I think that could be a fair assessment. While it does take a bit to make it though the album, it is quite good with some good songs. for a different apporach to Djent, check this out.


159.) Maserati- Maserati VII

This is an album I was not expecting to come out at all, hell I thought the band was over. in 2009, Drummer Jerry Fuchs fell to his death from a broken elevator. They released Pyramid Of The sun in 2010 with his final recordings, after that, I thought they were done. Low and behold, this year they have a new album, it sounds like nothing happened at all. It is classic Post Rock and Space Rock that they are known for, and they are still at their prime. Support this band and check this album out. It's awesome.


160.) Hammer Horde- Vinlander

There is Viking Metal like Amon Amarth. There is Viking Metal like Enslaved, and then there is Viking Metal like Hammer Horde. This is still very much heavy and Viking inspired, but there is much more of a pure Heavy Metal influence on this album. As if Iron Maiden started writing like Enslaved. while the production isn't the best, the songs more than make up for it. Its like you are caught int eh middle of a Nordic Viking War against their enemies. get some brew and some wenches and enjoy Hammer Horde!

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