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141.) Seven Kingdoms- The Fire Is Mine

Female Fronted Power Metal. On record they are awesome, live....not so much, at least not back in 2010 when I saw them open for Blind Guardian. This album is vast improvement from their first album. While its nothing you wouldn't hear on any standard Power Metal album, it is done right, very catchy and fun to listen to, as Power Metal should be. If you dig Power Metal, check it out.


142.) Atoma- Skylight

There is Progressive Post Metal like Long Distance Calling, then there is Progressive Post Metal like Atoma. Kinda going in the opposite direction of LDC, Atoma has more of an science/outer space feel throughout. It also helps that Christian Älvestam on backup vocals and guitar. Another good way to look at this album is if Scary Symmetry or Solution .45 did Post Metal. It's a very damn good album and a fan of anything described here needs to check this out immediate. It didn't make my top 20 but it's top 30 material for me, and could be your new favorite album.


143.) Lamb Of God- Resolution

I haven't really been a fan of Lamb Of God since As The Palaces Burn. Every album since then has had a few songs that are great with a lot of songs I just don't care about.....this album is no different. Yes I feel bad about what has happened to Randy Blythe, there is no denying that, and if they get the opportunity to write another album it could be their best, but this isn't it. Granted there is some killer songs on here, specifically the first couple and last couple songs. Everything else is the standard LOG songs. It's not bad, just not my bag. if you like the previous LOG albums this album is totally for you.


144.) Astra- The Black Chord

This is a nice, HEAVY, throwback to 70's Prog Rock. Definitely in the vein of Zappa, Rush, Yes, King Crimson, etc; but done in a modern way that modern day Prog fans will also love. I dig this album a lot and it's a great gem in the world of Prog bands trying to be nothing but technical. This you can kick back and enjoy. Real Prog Rock fans take notice of this and pick it up immediately.


145.) Firewind- Few Against Many

Firewind has been on a Sonata Arctica type downhill slide for a while now. While they aren't nearly as bad as the newest SA, Few Against Many just doesn't live up to their older albums in my eyes. Its a bit too focused on the Rock side instead of The Power Metal that I discovered them with. It's not a bad album by any means and may get you into the band if this is your first time hearing about them, but just disappointing to a long time fan.


146.) Terrorizer- Hordes Of Zombies

One of the finest examples of Death Metal/Grindcore currently going. It has everything you want in the genre. It's super fast and heavy, its about Zombies, it doesn't get old. it's just a perfect, killer Death Metal/Grindcore album. Short Sweet and and sexy. The Other kind of Triple S.


147.) Zero Absolu- Automn

This is a very laid back Post Rock/Electronic album that reminds me of the mellow side of Kevin Moore and O.S.I. When it is really mellow all the way through the dynamics do show up just by adding drums or other instruments. Which does add a lot in this style. This is not a Metal or Hard Rock album,so don't go into this one expecting it to be that way. it's a relaxing mellow album that fits the mood when you don't want something rockin' or heavy. I dig it, you might as well.


148.) Hail Spirit Noir- Pneuma

Here comes more Black Metal, but not in the standard way. In a lot of ways this album reminds me of present day Borknager. And I mean that in the best way possible. its very dynamic and progressive at the same time. the vocals that are normally in Black Metal are either loved or completely hated. In this instance They are very bearable for anyone who may hate Black Metal for that reason alone. The production isn't the best but it's still worth a listen. Try it out.


149.) As I Lay Dying- Awakened

The one thing I will give AILD is that they've only gotten heavier over the years. Sometimes the vocals completely blow, like the clean vocals on their last album,. but this album particular showcases bot their vocal ability and heavy songwriting skills in what may be their best album (Although An Ocean Between Us is still a favorite of mine) Don't write this one off because it is Christian Metalcore. It's well worth the listen for some great songs.


150.) Merkaba- A Lament For The Lamb

A very...."What the hell is this?" kind of album. Math Metal and Improv Jazz. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. If Meshuggah added John Zorn and Mike Patton to the band, it would essentially be this. It's not an album you can wrap your head around on the first, second or third listen, but if you let it sink in, it is stellar, until then it will leave you scratching your head. I love it.

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