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Epica -- Portland, OR -- November 12th, 2012

Venue: Hawthorne Theater
Source: Me

Night two of my personal three day Concertapalooza continues. There are a few question marks as I am new to Epica and not familiar with all their albums. And pardon the length of the review, I may or may not be drunk right now after the show.

Monopoly on Truth
Martyr of the Free Word
Deter the Tyrant
Serenade of Self Destruction
Cry For the Moon
Drum Solo
The Obsessive Devotion
Sancta Terra
The Phantom Agony
Storm the Sorrow
Consign to Oblivion

I splurged for the VIP ticket for this since it was only $30 more and, you know, Simone Simons. My dreams of an hour long intimate conversation with Simone were crashed when I got to the venue and saw a long line filled with other VIP ticketholders. Apparently that will happen when your singer is the hottest woman on the planet. The meet and greet went fairly quickly and there wasn’t much of a chance to say anything, the band members were nice enough and everybody got an autographed poster, picture with the band, and they would also autograph other things you brought like my Design Your Universe CD booklet.

Because I am old and hate new things, I left after the meet and greet to eat dinner and skip a few of the opening bands. I got back to the venue one song into Alestorm’s set and was put in a good mood immediately by their bouncy pirate music. I had never heard of Alestorm but I liked what I heard and may have to check out more of their music. The crowd seemed to like them too.

Next up was Epica, the main event. I was curious how Epica’s sound would carry over live and although occasionally I think they used maybe one too many backing tracks or taped chants and what not, but overall it worked very well. This was one of the best concerts I have seen in I’m not sure how long, the band was in great form, Simone sounded good and the crowd was very into the evening. The lighting was well above what is usually seen in club shows. The best concerts take you somewhere else, into the music and this one did exactly that. I didn’t think there would be big pits for Epica but what do I know, there was a big one and it messed up my taping of one of the songs but it’s all good, I think everyone in the audience had a great time. The show was so inspiring I left my usual lazy person spot in the back bar area and ventured into the pit. It was damn hot up there which Simone commented on several times, before the encore Mark awarded us hottest crowd of the tour.

This was a fantastic evening and more than made up for the bad taste I had in the same venue the night before. I told Mark Epica needs to come to Boise on their next tour, I will travel again if they don’t though as this show was outstanding.

Now with pictures:,fdYz6#1,fdYz6#0
3-08 Nightwish
4-13 Iron Maiden

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