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Napalm Death -- Portland, OR -- November 11th, 2012

Venue: Hawthorne Theater
Souce: Me

The venue was packed tonight, I had been here once before for Overkill back in ’08 but the place looked like it was filled to capacity for this show. Same setlist as was reported earlier except several songs were cut, I guess because Napalm Death was not the closing act. Can’t Pay Won’t Play, Unchallenged Hate, Breed To Breathe, Human Garbage and inexcusably Instinct to Survival were not played. Pretty lame since I thought co-headliners kept the same set length and just changed up who closed the show.

The word that best sums up this concert is disappointing. It pains me to say it for a group that I have listened to for over 20 years but this concert was bad on two levels.

Item #1: the setlist - I realize I’m an old man who mostly wants to hear the old stuff but the lack of old songs was inexcusable. Not counting the 5 second songs, there were only three songs in the set from the classic first three albums, one of which was under a minute (Deceiver). I might be more than a little angry that I have seen Napalm Death twice live now and haven’t seen Instinct of Survival either time.

Item #2: 4 piece – It took me half the concert to realize that even the new material didn’t sound as good as I remembered. I finally realized that there weren’t enough people on the stage. ND needs to be a 5 piece, just compare the 1989 Nottingham and 1990 classic Live Corruption video to compare. I don’t know when they lost a member but this just didn’t measure up to the last time I saw ND on the Smear Campaign tour a few years back. That was an outstanding concert, this just wasn’t.

Since I had already paid for my ticket, I stuck around to see Municipal Waste, which I think I enjoyed more despite never hearing any of their music. This was the first of three concerts in three days for me, hopefully the next two (Epica and Rush) will be better.
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