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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
I think the WWE owns the rights to a lot of their images and can do whatever they want. Hence why the Dudleys can't be called "the Dudleys" anywhere else.
The WWE owns the rights to names not images. If they owned the rights to the image, Bubba and Devon and whoever else would have to completely overhaul their look when wrestling somewhere else. They can't be called The Dudley Boys anymore because the WWE owns the name.

Now there are some who go by their real names like Kurt Angle, The Hardys and Mick Foley. That's why they're able to go to TNA or where ever else and still be known by that name. This probably makes it tricky for the WWE to include Angle and the Hardys in this years game. Some wrestlers are smart enough to not sell their gimmick to anyone, like Sting and that's why he can still use that now. The WWE doesn't own the Hulk Hogan name, that's why he can use it no matter where he goes. There's a bunch of legal bullshit that goes into this.

Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
He's an independent wrestler now. Sad times for The Nature Boy.
He's got no one to blame but himself. The guy has been divorced how many times now? At least five or six I think. The guy still needs money, after my second failed marrige I would've said "fuck it i'm done with that". I heard that the WWE was interested in signing him to some sort of contract where he would have some kind of job at the WWE offices.
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