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131.) Just Like Vinyl- Black Mass

A very experimental Alternative Rock/Metal album. The Lead singer, guitarist of The Fall Of Troy is fronting this band. Its like if Coheed And Cambria wanted to be Every Time I Die, or if Every Time I Die wanted to be Coheed and Cambria. it's very....different. I recommend it for a fan of any of the three bands mentioned above, for me it's not my bag, but I know someone out there will like one of those 3 bands and will dig this, so give it a good listen.


132.) Mono- For My Parents

It's very hard to top perfection. Mono tried topping Hymn To The Immortal wind with For My Parents. It doesn't beat it in my opinion but it gets very damn close. This album is full of sheer brilliance. Its a symphonic, soundtrack tour de force. So much emotion is packed into this album its hard not to sit back and let your emotions get the better of you. For a fan of any style of REAL music, this should be held high. Don't forget about this one, it's a keeper!


133.) Primalfrost- Chapters Of Time

Canadian Folk Metal. You'd think it would just be an ode to Rush and Kraft Dinner right? Nope, it is a very Alestorm meets Primordial EP that I am digging a lot. Its a very heavy album but lots of cleans amongst the Folk Metal, and Black Metal which makes it easier to digest. As you can imagine the songs are about Winter and at time maybe a tad bit cheesy, but again it's Canada, so it's all good. Check it out!


134.) Luna Amara- Pietre in Alb

Just got this album a few days ago and I am quite impressed. its a lighter progressive Metal album. Lots of Alternative Rock thrown in amongst some Dream theater and Opeth style moments (no screams). I am still digesting the album but it is very damn good. Its the kind of album where you think, this should be on mainstream radio, if mainstream radio didn't absolutely suck. The only thing I would say is that the vocal style at times is a bit jarring, trying to hit low notes he can not hit, but from the sounds of it, these guys will make it far as long as they keep up the great songwriting and above all keep polishing their work.


135.) Yossi Sassi- Melting Clocks

From the guitarist of Orphaned Land comes a Epic Hebrew Prog Rock album that in a lot of ways reminds me of bands like Camel, Porcupine Tree and some Dream Theater. It reminds me a lot of the Daniel Jakubovic album last year that was number 2 for me last year. Although this time around its a bit more one sided. yes it is a varied Prog Rock album but it does start to feel long after a while, but its an album where enjoyed in pieces is a damn masterpiece. Prog fans, don't miss this one.


136.) Psycroptic- The Inherited Repression

Ever since last year, its been really damn hard for a Technical Death Metal band to impress me as much as it used to. I am well passed the LOOK HOW MANY NOTES I CAN PLAY PHASE. I have been for years, I like a band who can make a solid yet varied Tech Death Metal album, and that's exactly what this is. There is a lot of unexpected dynamics throughout this and lots of melodies and harmonies that are not heard in this style much anymore. While this is another album I haven't been able to give my full attention, it is by far a killer album and should not be overlooked. it will be underrated this year. that is a given, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't check it out.


137.) Every Time I Die- Ex Lives

I don't know if it is just from the bad experience I had meeting these guys or I just grew out of these guys but Every Time I die just doesn't hit home like Hot Damn! did for me. The one thing this album has going for it is the amount of dynamics and not just chaos, its quite varied, as if These Damn Things had an affect on the band, which is a good thing. Nowhere near a favorite for me but it is better for what it is worth.


138.) Lethian Dreams- Season Of Raven Words

Atmospheric Doom Metal sung with Female vocals. This was one of the first albums to grab my attention this year and I gotta say it is still impressive after all this time. No screams on this one either. While its not album of the year worthy for me, someone out there will discover this (hopefully thanks to this thread) and will love it and call it the album of the year, and they wouldn't be wrong in saying that. Its a very dark atmospheric all clean female vocal departure from what you normally hear and it deserves some great attention. Give it a shot.


139.) Ides Of Gemini- Constantinople

A very different take on Sludge Metal. There is a lot of Doom and minimalistic Indie rock on this one. Its a very odd combination to me, it's an odd mix for sure. It is also a female clean vocal driven album which explains a lot of it actually. I dig it a lot although it takes a few spins to it to click. If you want a new approach to Sludge metal without the stereotypes, get it and love it.


140.) Adaliah- Broken Families

This is the closest thing to Brocore I will ever....EVER like. It is as if Periphery made a Deathcore/Hardcore album. Also kind of similar in style to the early days of The Contortionist, which is why I love it. Amongst the Deathcore style riffs there are moments of pure beauty and perfection thrown in. If Deathcore could be made like this I would have never hated it, but they love their open note chuggs and breakdowns too much to change. This is as close as you will get to a Deathcore album that Prog fans will love. Embrace it!

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