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I'd post this in the gig report section, but I don't have much to say about the show

Both GWAR and Napalm Death's tours landed in Seattle on the same date, so I went to the show last night.

Legacy of Disorder was first... they fucking sucked. LOG meets Pantera...but worse.

Next was Martha's Revenge, an Accused Tribute band, they were alright. The guitarist and bassist are also in the Judas Priest tribute band from here, Call For The Priest.

After them was Exhumed, the best band of the night BY FAR. The sound was a bit off for a while, but after a couple songs they nailed it. Can't wait for them to come back.

I think the next band was Cancer Bats, but I left to get food during their set as I have no clue who they are...and was starving

Next up... NAPALM DEATH. Wow... the sound blew ass. And since it was an all day fest, their set was cut down INSANELY SHORT. I'd be surprised if they even played for 45 minutes . At least I got to see them at MDF this year.

After ND, was Municipal Waste. I am not a huge fan of theirs, even though I haven't heard them for a while, but I decided to go across the street to the bar and get my drink on, and I stayed their twice as long since DevilDriver was after them. I love the drummer, but not a fan of their music anymore, just kinda grew out of it.

Finally, the band everyone has been telling me to see.... GWAR. It was alright. My friend told me they usually put on a far better stage show, at least they did the other times he saw them. But it was still entertaining, especially when they made fun of the football game that was going on .
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