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Since Raven was brought up on the WWE 13 thread, I decided to post some of my thoughts about him:

Raven is easliy the most under used talent i've ever seen in all my years of watching the WWF/E. How they just let him waste away and do absoultely nothing for most of his run there is the biggest mystery to me. He could've been the modern day Jake The Snake Roberts. He had the character, charisma and most importantly he knows the in ring psychology of pro wrestling as good as anybody. In a lot of ways that's more important than anything else. His promos in ECW were always materful works of art and his promos in WCW were very solid as well. He wasn't the greatest in the ring but he knew what to do and how/when to do it.

Raven had a lot to offer the WWE, how they didn't see it i'll never know. I'm not saying he should've been a multi time world champ or anything but he certainly could've been a good upper midcard guy with a few good IC or US title reigns. Most importantly, the guy could've taught the young up and comers a lot about the buisness and ring psychology.
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