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Ronnie Radke Is By FAR metal's biggest douche.

Sure Falling In Reverse isn't metal but after about 5 bands including The Summer Slaughter posted this video I thought I'd check it out and now I feel the need to share it on here.

It basically says about how Ronnie kicked bands off his tour, then let them play only if he payed them all their money, kicked I See Stars off the tour because they had more fans, kicked fans out of the show for supporting other bands / chanting the other bands names/ wearing other bands merch, people spent shit tons on VIP tickets and he did shit for the fans that had them, and finally it goes into how he threw the mic stands into the crowd during the six flags show. I didn't know when he did that though that he busted some guys head open enough where he had to have staples put in to have it shut.


And this guy is why music of that genre gets such a bad call. This guys a douche.

Shit like every main US tour and all the bands Falling In Reverse tours with is posting this. So far I've seen Summer Slaughter, All Stars Tour, Asking Alexandria, Winds Of Plague (who simply posted "DECIMATE THE RADKE"), Threat Signal, Emmure, I See Stars, and a few others post this saying how he's a asshole.I am enjoying reading these comments on here though of even all the scene kids saying how they use to love Ronnie but he's a douche now. I would not be surprised if the band kicked him out.

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