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Gru - Cosmogenesis

Obscura aren't the only band who released an awesome album named Cosmogenesis. I came across these guys while looking for bands that sounded similar to Animals as Leaders, and I ended up discovering these guys. As I mentioned, Poland's Gru play instrumental progressive metal/djent in the vein of Animals as Leaders, Chimp Spanner, and Misha Mansoor's Bulb. It's quite atmospheric in areas, giving off a sort of spacey vibe. Of course, the album is also chock full of those djenty riffs that you love (or hate) and plenty of emotive, jazzy guitar solos that could have come straight from Misha Mansoor, Paul Oritz, Chris Letchford (not djent, but the solos resemble some of the ones from Scale the Summit), or Tosin Abasi (check out the solo in "Nebula", for example).

This will appeal to any of you who are into the whole "djent" movement going on now, or are fans of progressive/technical music in general.


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