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I'm thinking a tour for two of Sweden's greatest rock bands,Europe and H.e.a.t.
1.Living On The Run
2.There For You
3.Black Night
4.We're Gonna Make It To The End
5.1000 Miles
6.Cast Away
8.Keep On Dreaming

1.Seven Doors Hotel
2.Wings Of Tomorrow
3.The Beast
4.Halfway To Heaven
6.Start From The Dark
7.Always The Pretenders
8.Heart Of Stone
10.Scream Of Anger
11.Let The Good Times Rock
12.Wasted Time
13.The King Will Return
14.On The Loose
15.Love Chaser
17.Last Look At Eden
18.Rock The Night
19.Prisoners In Paradise
A setlist without The Final Countdown and Carrie,that will be the day (I can actually deal with Carrie,it's countdown I can't take,although it does awesome work as an opener).If they put Carrie and Countdown in there instead of The King Will Return and Halfway To Heaven,they could pull off this set,tones of stuff from Wings which is the favorite album among most fans,plus some stuff from other albums and all the hits.

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