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Underrated Albums Thread

I had an idea to make a thread about underrated albums in general,for anybody to post an album that they think is underrated.Hopefully people will be able to find some new stuff they like in this thread,anyway lets get started!
I'll start.
"Generation Wild"-Crashdiet (released 2010)

Crashdiet is a vastly underrated band,they are a glam metal band from Sweden formed in the early 2000's(I use "glam" very loosely).They are huge in Sweden,occasionally scoring top 40 hits there,but are not really big outside of Sweden,which is a shame because I could see these guys having rock radio hits in other countries (including the U.S),if they could go on tour opening for bands like Motley Crue or Kiss.Anyway,sound wise their like Guns 'n' Roses meets Skid Row,and it is truly a great record (it even beat Van Halen and Skid Row in my top ten albums list),so I HIGHLY recommend this album to anybody who likes rock and metal in general.
Track Listing:
1."442" (0:53)
2."Armageddon" (4:06)
3."So Alive" (4:12)
4."Generation Wild" (3:54)
5."Rebel" (3:22)
6."Save Her" (3:24)
7."Down With The Dust" (2:47)
8."Native Nature" (4:28)
9."Chemical" (4:15)
10."Bound To Fall" (4:14)
11."Beautiful Pain" (4:42)
Key Tracks:"Generation Wild","Save Her","Chemical"
Bad Tracks:"442"(this is just a intro,it's cool and a perfect opening to "Armageddon",but it should be left for live shows,other then that everything else is perfect)
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