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Dominion - Born God and Aware

While you are waiting ever so patiently for that new Necrophagist album to come out, here's something to hold you over (for a little while at least). Nowadays, when people look at Unique Leader Records, they seem to think of technical deathcore bands like Fallujah or Rings of Saturn. Dominion, however, play technical death metal in the Necrophagist vein, complete with the neoclassical guitar soloing and hyperspeed tempos, though one difference between Necrophagist and Dominion is that Dominion put a little more focus on brutality, and Dominion's solos are a bit more condensed, as opposed to the more grandiose solos that Necrophagist have. Fear not, for there's still PLENTY of shredding, fingerlicking soloing to be found here. There's also boatloads of catchy, technical, headbanging worthy riffs to be found (check out "The Endless" to see what I mean.)

This album pretty much captures the best parts of tech-death and rolls them into a neat little package. Highly recommended for fans of Necrophagist, Spawn of Possession, Hour of Penance, and label mates Deeds of Flesh.

The Endless
Demonstration of Domination

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