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Megadeth -- Providence, RI -- November 9th, 2012

Just got home from the show.

This was the first stop on the Countdown To Extinction 20th Anniversary Tour.

The line to get into Lupo's was horrendous, so we missed most of the opener Kyng. From the 2 or 3 songs we saw, they were pretty good.

Then after a short break, Megadeth came on. Dave was MUCH "chattier" than he was any other time I have seen them! He kept complaining about "everything going wrong up here tonight", but whatever was wrong, it really wasn't obvious from the audience. The only exception was, ironically, right before "Architecture of Aggression" when a brawl broke out on the floor, and he stopped and kept telling them to stop and "peace" and shaking his head in disgust before the band all walked off the stage. When they came back on after 5 minutes or so, he said "they had planned on a nice flow of songs until the fight broke out and then it was like a chain coming off a bicycle". Oh and right before "Holy Wars" he HAD to make some political comment!

Anyway, a good show - the band was really "on" tonight, especially for a first night of the tour.

1. Trust
2. Hangar 18
3. She-Wolf
4. A Tout Le Monde
5. Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
6. Public Enemy No. 1
7. Skin O' My Teeth
8. Symphony Of Destruction
9. Architecture Of Aggression
10. Foreclosure Of A Dream
11. Sweating Bullets
12. This Was My Life
13. Countdown To Extinction
14. High Speed Dirt
15. Psychotron
16. Captive Honour
17. Ashes In Your Mouth
18. Peace Sells
19. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
12/5 TTB
12/16 TSO
12/18 Upper Crust
12/31 Govt Mule
1/31 B. Paisley
3/31 J. Satriani
4/11 D. Gilmour
3/23 Exp. Henrdrix
8/25 Black Sabbath
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