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My Top 10 albums of all time

I have decided to make a list of my top ten favorite albums of all time,well I should say current list because it does tend to change from time to time.So here it is,my Current Top Ten Albums Of All Time:
10."Slave To The Grind"-Skid Row

9."Van Halen"-Van Halen

8."Generation Wild"-Crashdiet

7."Appetite For Destruction"-Guns N Roses

6."Shake Your Money Maker"-The Black Crowes

5."A Day At The Races"-Queen

4."Pyromania"-Def Leppard

3."Extreme II: Pornograffitti"-Extreme

2."Operation: Mindcrime"-Queensryche

1."New Jersey"-Bon Jovi

I know what most of you all are thinking,how in the heck can he put Bon Jovi in front of Operation: Mindcrime,well I'll tell you why.First off,hair metal is my favorite genre,plain and simple,and it's never going to change.Second,Bon Jovi is my favorite band of all-time,and has been since I was in pre-school,I like all of their material,new and old.Third,this album has my all-time favorite song,"Blood On Blood",which is a song that means a lot to me because it talks about friendship,and I think every song hear is great,it's kept me happy through some hard times,and I think they do story-telling songs very well.Besides,most people,fans and haters alike,agree that is more straight up hard rock then hair metal.
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