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1.On Fire
2.Somebody Get Me A Doctor
3.Hot For Teacher
4.Romeo Delight
5.(Oh) Pretty Women
6.Hear About It Later
7.Girl Gone Bad
8.Guitar Solo (Cathedral,Eruption,Spanish Fly,Little Guitar Intro)
9.Little Guitars
10.Everybody Wants Some!!
11.Runnin' With The Devil
12.Jamie's Cryin'
13.Loss Of Control
14.Beautiful Girls
15.Hang 'Em High
16.You Really Got me
17.So This Is Love?
18....And The Cradle Will Rock
19.Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)
20.I'm The One
22.Mean Street
23.Atomic Punk
24.I'll Wait
25.Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
27.Dance The Night Away
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