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Originally Posted by mastodon421 View Post
That does really suck. There is a law in Massachusetts that retail stores can't be open on Thanksgiving. Since clearly Wal-Mart, Target, etc can't legally open till midnight on Black Friday, that 8pm Thanksgiving sale shit doesn't happen here which I think is great (so at least the crazed Black Friday shoppers aren't tackling/beating the shit out of each other on Thanksgiving, cause you know Massachusetts has a reputation for decency and being kind to one another
Yeah from what I understand Thanksgiving and Black Friday is pretty much just a riot nonstop. People fighting, fucking, and offering money to let you in.

I dont like my job / get paid enough to take shit though so it'll suck for sure.

Also from the looks of it I will not be having a real Thanksgiving day dinner. My family is still going to a huge family dinner and since I work my grandma said she'd stay home, take me to dinner, then take to the 8pm walmart sale to get some cheap ass games.
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