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....and I'm back:

121.) Korpiklaani- Manala

A folk Metal band that only has some Folk Metal to them, or at least it is in the background. This album contains a lot of different elements of Metal all rolled up into a big Finnish Folk Metal extravaganza. This is an example of a band that isn't meant to be taken seriously, just a fun band to be "Metal". It does get a little samey after a while, but while it is same, it is high energy and fun, and we need these kinds of albums in the world. Take a break from being serious and have fun with Koriklaani!


122.) The Cory Smoot Experiment- When Worlds Collide

This is one of the most unfortuneate albums of the year, not in the music it is badass. But the fact it was made the way it was. This album is basically all the demos and final tracks that Cory Smoot had left for this album before he died on tour with GWAR. That said, don't expect a GWAR type album at all with this one, it is a very Progressive Metal style album, that is indeed left unfinished. IF you were ever a fan of his style you should abasolutely check this out. Don't expect a full sounding album out of this one, but the songs individually are very damn good.


123.) The 11th Hour- Lacrima Mortis

This is an album that is definitely in my Top 25 and was in my top 20 for the longest time. This is a very depressing Doom/Death Metal project from one of the best drummers around, Ed Warby (Who does everything on this album except the screams). The first album from The 11th Hour is a concept album about a man dying from Lung Cancer, this album, while not a concept, is just as depressing but just as heart felt, depressing and hauntingly beautiful. FOr a new spin of Death and Doom Metal pick this one up and enjoy it, as long as it doesn't make you depressed lyrically. haha


124.) Gatherer- So Be It

Definitely one of the strangest albums to come out in a while. I'm not even really sure what to classify these guys as. Whenever the music gets heavy they get into clean vocals, when the music gets light, comes the aggressive vocals. Its a heavy, proggy style album, but at the same time it feels Indie and poppy. There is no way I can articulately describe this album, you just gotta check it out for yourself. If you do, at first you will be so confused but in the 2nd or 3rd listen, you will love it.


125.) Deathspell Omega- Drought

It wouldn't be a new year without a new release from Deathspell Omega (which makes me scared what will happen when they stop making music). Deathspell Omega is such a great definition of Progressive Black Metal. While only at 20 minutes long, it is a great listen that really captures the darkness of Progressive Black Metal they do so very, very well. The EP in general also contains a lot of atmospheric moments as well. PIck it up and love it, it's short but so very sweet.


126.) Andre Matos- The Turn Of Lights

Progressive Power Metal is back again thanks to the ex Angra frontman (The only other man who could take over for Queensryche besides Todd La Torre). This album is a shining of example of what makes Matos so damn good. the songwriting, the production, the songs themselves. If you love what he has done in the past, there is no reason not to love this. To those who have never heard of Matos before Picture what Queensryche is suppose to sound like, just heavier. This album is absolutely fantastic. get it!


127.) M-Pire Of Evil- HEll To The Holy

While Kronos wanted to go more punk in Venom, Venom wanted to get back to being a dark evil Blackened Thrash band, and they did it with this album. I think a fair assessment of this album is if Testament's Demonic and The Gathering focused on Black Metal rather than Death Metal, and you get this album. For Thrash fans and old school Venom fans, pick this one up!


128.) Taproot- The Episodes

When did Taproot get heavy? I am pleasently surprised by this album Its not only heavy, its quite experimental, If I didn't know any better I could have sworn Mike Patton wrote this album (I'm just as shocked as you saying that). Taproot has always been one of those bands that were mainstream accessible that makes you go. I like them, not much but they are better then the other stuff out there. The Episodes feels like a very Dark experimental hard Rock concept album and actually regained my faith in the band. IF there are any Taproot fans who love the song Poem, and that's it, this album is NOT for you. This is actually a under appreciated Hard Rock album that most will not hear.


129.) Crippled Black Phoenix- (Mankind) The Crafty Ape

Experimental Post Rock. If UneXpect made Post Rock instead of Post Metal. While this album has a ton of great songs on it, it does tend to get a bit long, but if you love the style it is up your alley with all 78 minutes of it. Post fans should be going crazy for this if they aren't already.


130.) Vertigo Steps- Surface/Light

This is definitely one of the favorite discoveries of the year for me. It's as if Dream Theater, Faith No More, and Kevin Moore made an album made an album together, throw in some female vocals in sections and make it dark, and it all fits together so very well. I am very surprised these guys aren't blowing up yet as this album is phenomenal. For a band that you wouldn't have discovered otherwise, get this album NOW! Prog fans, there is no reason not to love this album start to finish.


And that's it for now, going to see Skyfall tonight and get my mind off music for a few hours.
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