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Deathevokation - Chalice of Ages

Dismember lives again! Seriously, this is an awesome album full of Finnish and Swedish style death metal. Everything you love about this style of death metal is here: the buzzing, chainsaw-like guitar riffs, the crushing doom sections, the dark melodies and solos, it's all here. I realize that the OSDM revival is nothing new nowadays, but I think these guys are one of the best at this style, taking what made bands like Dismember, Grave, Demigod, and Sentenced so great in their prime, and making a morbid, diabolic cocktail of death metal goodness that the whole family can enjoy. This album does an excellent job of painting a picture of death and pestilence, through the thick, groovy, meaty riffs, echoing, melodic leads and solos, sparse but appropriately place blastbeats, and is all commanded by sickening growls.

All OSDM aficionados have a lot to look forward to on this album. Give this one a shot if you want to hear pure, unadulterated death metal.

Rites of Desecration
The Chalice of Ages
As My Soul Gazes Skyward
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