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Originally Posted by AnataFan4Life View Post
Amputated Genitals - Human Meat Gluttony

Brutal Death Metal doesn't get much more intense than this. Hailing from Columbia, Amputated Genitals offer nothing more than skull crushing brutal death metal in the vein of bands like Disgorge, Cerebral Bore, and Gorgasm. This band may not be the most original, but they make up for it with the sheer intensity and songwriting. There are plenty of meaty, crunchy riffs scattered about this album, with a pinch of technicality for good measure. There's also a few slams scattered throughout the record, but they aren't as frequent as say, Devourment. The vocals are extremely brutal, consisting of grunts and inhales. This is all backed up by some of the most insane percussive battery you'll ever hear.

If you want your thirst for brutal death metal quenched, Amputated Genitals will be right up your alley.

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I agree with this YT user comment

Sounds like someone finishing a milkshake with a straw

Cheers !
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