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NoMeansNo - Wrong

Now here's a true oxymoron: progressive punk! Like most people, I didn't hear about this band until Dave Grohl of Nirvana/Foo Fighters fame brought them up. Anyways, these guys manage to take complex, jazz-influenced musicianship, and blend it into raw, old-school punk rock. There's plenty of weird time signatures and jazzy chords interspersed with raw blasts of pure punk. Some of the songs are actually pretty long for punk rock (one song actually reaches the six minute mark!) As for the vocals, imagine what Mike Patton would sound like if he were in a punk band. Sounding awesome yet? One instrument that is really prevalent is the bass guitar. This guy has some serious skill on the bass, and gives the songs a nice, bouncy feel. Did I mention the songs on here are REALLY fucking catchy?

These guys have taken progressive rock and punk rock, two styles that normally wouldn't fit together at all, and mixed them seamlessly. If you are a fan of either of those two styles, or just good music in general, give this album a spin!

It's Catching Up
The End of All Things
All Lies
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