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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
I don't think anyone will be playing as Alberto Del Rio... and he's on disc
I play as him I'm doing WWE Universe right now and you've got to use everyone to make a good well balanced card. He's like my number four or five heel on Smackdown so it's not like he has that huge of a role.

Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Of all the people not included with DLC, you really can't have the "Attitude era" without Chyna. Yes she's a mess now so I can see why the WWE avoids her but she was an important part of that era. Who can forget her angle with Jericho and Jarrett over the IC title? Or when she throttled Marlena on her debut?

Of course, I haven't see the full roster so for all I know she's in there.
No she isn't in it and I completely understand why. The girl does pornos all the time now, so I don't blame the WWE for not bothering with her. They've got the people from the Attitude era who count anyways. The only one really missing for me is Owen Hart, but due to the fact that his widow has never forgiven Vince for his death and likes to sue him for shit releated to Owen's wrestling career, he won't ever be in a game anyways.
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