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No one seems interested but oh well.

Album #7: Carrie Underwood - Blown Away
May 1, 2012

First off, bring on the haters. I grew up on country and while I don't listen to much more than three or four artists nowadays, I still enjoy it from time to time. Carrie Underwood is someone I've been a fan of since her first album a few years ago. She has a really strong voice and, a bit to my surprise, it seems completely genuine as her live vocal performance was every bit as good as on her albums when I saw her in 2010. She doesn't write all of her own songs, but neither do Kiss for that matter so whatever.

This album is kind of a mixed bag, some great stuff and some crap to be found here. The title track is one of her best ever while others such as See You Again, Wine After Whiskey, and Good Girl are great. But tracks like One Way Ticket, Leave Love Alone, and Cupid's Got a Shotgun fucking suck and are among her worst of all time. One problem is there are just too many songs on this album. She could have dropped those 3 horrendous ones and still have had 11 tracks.

The last two albums have both been kind of disappointing, there's always some great stuff but there's too many just ok or downright bad tracks. Her first two albums are still her best. Still, I'm pissed that the only close VA date of her tour is the one day of the week next semester that I really can't afford to miss.

It gets a 7.3.
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