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Dissonance In Design - Neurotransmitting an Epiphany

Dissonance In Design are a progressive/technical/melodic deathcore band from Colorado, and I can already see you guys blowing them off because of the deathcore tag. Let me assure you, these guys aren't like your typical deathcore band, because they actually keep the -core to a minimum . The breakdowns are actually short and sparse for a deathcore band. I almost would rather just call them technical death metal with a bit of -core influence. This album is chock full of catchy, melodic riffs and solos that are very technical, but they all seem to flow together and have a distinct groove (kind of like what Gorod does). There's even some 80's heavy metal parts that almost remind me of Arghoslent of all bands! The drumming is also very skillful, and does a great job of making all of the riffs stick together, but he also gets plenty of chances to shine as well. The vocals are competant growls and screams, nothing too out of the ordinary, but solid nonetheless. As I stated before, the songs seem to wind and flow, something you don't see a lot in deathcore bands who try to make their songs as tight and constricted as possible.

In a genre that is often hated for being generic and breakdown heavy, Dissonance in Design stand out above the heap with an original, creative twist on the genre.

The American Reality

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