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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
I haven't played any for a few years, but WWE 13 got a pretty good review on IGN, I still need to pick it up.

Possible DLC they need to consider...

Kaientai (terrible spelling...)
The Headbangers
The Oddities
Prince Albert
Wow, except for Test all those suggestions are awful. Nothing but jobbers right there. I'm glad you're not in charge of this Test will never be in a WWE game again because he died from a drug overdose a couple years ago. That wouldn't be too PG of the WWE to put him in

THQ has had the DLC stuff set for awhile now and it kicks ass:

Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Can you import songs off CD's or iTunes for entrance music? The CAWs I'm going to make of my sons need to have Destroy Everything by Hatebreed as their entrance music.
I'm pretty sure you can. A couple years ago I used "Walk With Me In Hell" from Lamb Of God as the entrance theme for my Chris Benoit CAW. It just seemed to make sense after what happened.
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